Reverse Co-Ed 2s League General Info:

  • Played on: SUNDAYS    
  • Season Start Date: Sunday May 28, 2023
  • Season End Date:  Sunday August 6, 2023 (No League play on July 2 or Aug 6)
  • Open to male & female players ages 14+  (born 2009 or later)
  • Must always have a guy and a girl on the court at all times
  • Guys must hit behind the 'attack line' (white markers on boundary lines). Girls can hit from anywhere.  Guys can block guys but NOT girls. Girls can block either girls or guys. Played on ladies height net.
  • Guys (or players designated as the male player) CANNOT attack the ball in any way before the "attack line". A free ball can be sent over the net, but it must travel (at minimum) the height of the antenna. 

  • Must register as a team.  It is recommended that teams have up to 4 players listed on your roster (including subs) so that you do not default any matches throughout the season. 

  • Teams will be TIERED and compete against similarly skilled teams
  • Teams will play 2 matches per night between  5 & 10 pm
  • Matches played in rain or shine at South Bear Creek Beach Courts
  • Competitive & recreational teams welcome (little-no beach volleyball experience required)
Space is limited!

COST: $275 per team