1. How does the tiered system work for our league?

    • Each division is broken into Tiers which (usually) each have 5 teams.
    • Teams will stay in a tier for 2 weeks of play, then re-tier for the next 2 weeks, and so on.
    • Movement of teams look like this:

 Tier 1

  1. Stay in Tier 1 (will be ranked 1)
  2. Stay in Tier 1 (will be ranked 2)
  3. Stay in Tier 1 (will be ranked 3)
  4. Drop to Tier 2 (will be ranked 1 in Tier 2)
  5. Drop to Tier 2 (will be ranked 2 in Tier 2)

Tier 2

  1. Move up to Tier 1 (will be ranked 4 in Tier 1)
  2. Move up to Tier 1 (will be ranked 5 in Tier 1)
  3. Stay in Tier 2 (will be ranked 3 in Tier 2)
  4. Drop to Tier 3 (will be ranked 1 in Tier 3)
  5. Drop to Tier 3 (will be ranked 2 in Tier 3)

Tier 3

  1. Move up to Tier 2 (will be ranked 4 in Tier 2)
  2. Move up to Tier 2 (will be ranked 5 in Tier 2)
  3. Stay in Tier 3 (will be ranked 3 in Tier 3)
  4. Drop to Tier 4 (will be ranked 1 in Tier 4)
  5. Drop to Tier 4 (will be ranked 2 in Tier 4)

2.  How do I find out when I play again?

    • Click on your division in our top menu
    • Check the Weekly Team Placements schedule
    • Locate your team name.  It will indicate what tier & what placement within that tier you are in.
    • Next, check the Weekly Tier Schedule.
    • Please remember your team will play 2 matches each night
    • Schedules will be updated every 2 weeks as we re-tier

3. What are the rules of beach volleyball guidelines of our league?

    • Click on General Beach Rules or League Guidelines on our top menu. 

 4.  How many matches will my team play?

  • Teams will play 2 matches per league night/week
  • Matches are best of 3 (21/21/15), win by 2, no cap.
  • Rally point scoring - Canada Volleyball Tie Breaking procedure in effect. 
  • Winners of each match must record scores on shed bulletin board

5. How many players can I have on my roster?

  • Teams may have additional players on their roster (up to 8 for Co-Ed 4’s & up to 4 for 2’s teams)
  • Teams can also change their roster (add or delete players) by submitting our "change roster form" on our website.
  • For insurance purposes, all players (including subs) MUST be listed on your roster by June 1.
  • Players must be on the roster and have played at least two (2) league nights (4 matches) to compete in playoffs.
  • There are no substitutions (and no libero) in any one set.

* Please note that if ALL players from your roster will be absent from a league match at the same time, it is still the responsibility of the team to find replacements for all scheduled matches. TEAM CAPTAINS must ensure all substitutions have signed & submitted our Waiver Form & are familiar will all GP Beach League rules & guidelines.

 6. What happens if my team defaults a match?

  • If any team is 10 minutes late from the start of the scheduled match time, the team will be forced to default the first set.    The team that is present will win 21-0.  If the same team is late an additional 5 minutes (total 15 minutes late from scheduled match start time), the team will also default the second set. The team present will also win the second set 21-0 and will win the match by default. They must still record the scores on the shed bulletin board.
  • If any team fails to show up for a league match (default), they will receive 1 warning from league organizers and a  $50 default fine. If the same team repeats this offence by not showing up for a second match, the team will be disqualified from the league & possibly replaced by a team on the waitlist.  That team will NOT receive a refund.
  • Co-Ed 4s teams will default unless they have a minimum of 3 players on the court (max 2 males)
  • 2s teams will default unless they have 2 players on the court at all times. 

7. I have never played beach volleyball before. Can I play in the league?

  • Yes. If you are aged 10 or older & have a beach partner.  If you do not have a beach partner, try using our Spares & Subs List (found on top menu).
  • We have many players & teams that have not played beach volleyball before.  Some have only played indoor volleyball, others none at all. Since our divisions are tiered (structure shown above), players that are younger or have less/no beach experience very quickly settle into playing similar ability teams so no one feels out of place.  Every two weeks, teams have an opportunity to move up into higher tiers (more challenging) if they are successful, drop down tiers if they run into trouble or stay in a tier cause it's right where they should be! There is virtually no limit to age or ability - there is something for everyone!
  • Once you decide to play, please familiarize yourself with the rules of beach volleyball & the guidelines of our league BEFORE playing. Come out & watch one of our league nights & ask lots of questions! We also offer beach volleyball clinics so keep posted for info.