2024 Beach League starts May 26th!

   *Tiering & Schedules are  
  posted on each division page

Sunday May 26 - Reverse Co-Ed 2s
Monday May 27 - Junior 2s & Co-Ed 4s
Tuesday May 28 - Ladies 2s Tiers 7-12
Wednesday May 29 - Ladies 2s Tiers 1-6
Thursday May 30 - Junior 2s & Mens 2s



  1. Can I grab anyone to sub for me? NO! 

Sub players should be listed on your teams’ roster. Rosters must be updated by June 1, 2024. Players registered on another team in the same division cannot sub for a team that is more than 1 tier below them.

  1. Can I set the ball over the net? - YES! 

Your shoulders should be square (or facing) towards the direction that the ball is traveling. 

  1. Can I receive a serve with my hands above my head? YES, but not with a set! 

The ball must be contacted simultaneously by both hands and your hands must be overlapped/touching. YOU CANNOT SET A SERVE OR FREE BALL!!!  Many contacts over the net in our league are free balls (including a standing down ball). 

        ***Waivers must be competed by all players (including subs) by May 26***


  • Only players are permitted to approach the score sheet and check schedules at the beach shed
  • Only players on the court (not subs) keep score and call lines (no apps, video or score board is permitted)
  • Parents & spectators are encouraged to cheer for good plays of both teams
  • Parents & spectators are not permitted to coach during match play or time outs

*NEW* for 2024!



JULY 14-18, 2024

South Bear Creek Courts

Ages 12-15 & 16-18

coached by Brook Sedore

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