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Step 1: Complete Registration Form 
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2017 GP Beach League Registration Form:

*JUNIOR 2s DIVISION* - open to players aged 14 (or currently in grade 8) and younger. Players who are turning 15 this year (or currently in grade 9) MUST register for our Ladies 2s or Mens 2s Division. Contact us if you have questions.

CHOOSE DIVISION (choose one only):

TEAM ROSTERS: For 2s teams we recommend having up to 4 players listed on your roster. For Co-Ed 4s teams we recommend having up to 8 players listed on your roster. It is not acceptable to default (NO SHOW) any league matches during the season. Default fines are $50 and will be deducted from your deposit. While you are away, please ensure you have sub players who are available & have signed our waiver form. Teams have until June 1, 2017 to have roster finalized. Use the Change Roster form on our website if needed.

Please note: new teams entering our league do not necessarily enter at the bottom tier of their division. We take beach & indoor experience as well as age into consideration before placing teams into tiers. If your team played in our league last season, we will do our best to start your team as close to the tier & placement where your team finished at the end of last season. If you are a new team, we will start you in the most appropriate tier where you will play against similarly skilled teams.

*LADIES 2s DIVISION* - due to high number of teams, we must play on Mondays & Wednesdays. We are unable to accept requests for time or night preferences and teams must be available to play on either Monday (Tiers 7-10 playing between 6:30 & 10pm) or Wednesday (Tiers 1-6 playing between 5 & 10pm) - depending on tier your team is in that week.

Please Note: Due to popularity of some of our league divisions, we accept teams who have completed the REGISTRATION FORM and SUBMITTED PAYMENT IN FULL first. All others will be placed on a wait list until payment is made and there is room in that division.

Method of Payment:

*If using cash or cheque, we must receive it in order to secure your spot.*

*PLEASE NOTE*: All members of your team (including subs) MUST print, sign & submit a waiver form before playing first match. Waiver forms can be found on our website.

*CONFIRMATION* into our league is seeing your team name appear on the corresponding webpage of the division you registered for. As we process registrations manually, please allow up to 2 hours to find your team name. If you do not see your team name appear after 2 hours, please contact us. Thank you!

BEACH LEAGUE INFORMATION MEETING for all NEW players & teams on *Wednesday May 24th at 6:30 pm* at South Bear Creek Beach Courts. We will go over league guidelines, demo how to play & answer any questions you may have. Teams can submit waiver forms & collect league shirts on the same night between 7:15 & 8 pm.

Step 2: Make Payment

PayPal Payment Option (Below):

*Fastest payment option - d
o not need a PayPal account to use

*Click the "Buy Now" button below for Division you want to pay for

GP Beach League - Ladies 2s Division

$ 268 CAD

  • $260 +3% (PayPal Fees) = $268.00

GP Beach League - Mens 2s Division

$ 268 CAD

  • $260 + 3% (PayPal Fees) = $268.00

GP Beach League - Co-Ed 4s Division

$ 454.00 CAD

  • $440 + 3% (PayPal Fee) = $454.00

GP Beach League - Junior 2s Division

$ 268.00 CAD

  • $260 + 3% (PayPal Fee) = $268.00

GP Beach League - Reverse Co-Ed 2s Division

$ 268.00 CAD

  • $260 + 3% (PayPal Fee) = $268.00