PLAYOFFS for all league divisions will be the week of August 7-11.  
All teams qualify for playoffs & will play on their regular night of the week. Any teams who do not participate in playoffs (regardless if you notify us or not) will NOT receive their default deposit back.  
A couple other reminders:
1. Subs can only play for 1 team during playoffs
2. Subs must have played a minimum of 2 matches with your team (prior to playoffs) if you plan to use them
3. Any team that has not defaulted throughout the season will receive their default deposit back during playoff week ($50)
4. Prizes will be awarded to teams who win GOLD in each Division
5. Season Wrap-Up will be Thursday August 11 from 7-10 pm at the courts.  All registered league members are welcome to attend!

League Teams:

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Beach League: 

 Beach Club: 

Summer camps, holidays & travel is booked... make sure you find SUBS for the days you will be away. 
$50 Default fines in full effect for each night!

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